keskiviikko 5. joulukuuta 2012

Found you in a river of pure emotions

I'm just dropping bunch of pictures for you! I have to do my homework so I'll do another post probably tomorrow or whenever I have time, about food and my amazing friends. Christmas has already been here for awhile and someday we'll go to just drive around and watch all of those beautiful Christmas lights what people put on their houses. That's called ''light seeing' here. Tomorrow is Finland's Independence day!! I think me and Lisa are doing some Finnish food, probably makaroonilaatikkoa because it's my favorite:) 
I have done many fun things and I hope I would have time to explain about everything! I have been snowboarding with Austin, Parker, Josh and Anni; watching The Pajama Game -play with Michael; The Improv show with McCade, Austin, Steve and Laura and after that we went to the library and played a game where we had to go to do silly things to some random people; shopping and girls night with Joelle, Anni and Helena; telling stories with Anni how we Finns ride with polar bears and I have a polar bear as a pet and his name is Örkki; a date with McCade; watching some really good movies and eating way too much popcorn; working out with Austin; another Super Soup Sunday; Lisa's dad's birthday; bowling with my gym class; wrapping some Christmas presents and yesterday I sent a packet to Finland for my family and friends :) Now I have to run, see ya! 

Wrestling in a chocolate ;) 

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  1. I like !!!! Mukavaa että kirjotat englanniksi, ja kuvat oli ihan hirmukivoja ja oot tosi kaunis !
    Ois kiva nähä semmosta talopostausta ja sitte jos kertoisit kuvien avulla vaikka eroja elämästä siellä ja suomessa ja sitte your day in photos ois kans kivaa :)

    1. Kiitos paljon! Joo talosta ois tarkotus tehä postaus ja day in photos sounds great :)