perjantai 28. joulukuuta 2012

That's who we are

When your host family forces you to perform traditional songs from your country:

When you say something that makes no sense:

Advice to future exchange students: 

When you're more interested in watching people speak than you're in listening to them:

When you receive a surprise package: 

When the voices in your head are in a war between your natural language and new language:

When people intentionally use big, fancy words when speaking to you:

Exchange students in a nutshell:

Advice from Nicki Minaj:

After you successfully say something in the normal speaking speed:

When someone can't understand your accent: 

When you're finally honest with people:

When you make friend by telling people their attempt at your language was perfect:

What you have achieved so far while exchange:

When you finish one meal:

When exchange has made your skin horrible:

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