keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2012


Yesterday we went to watch Temple Square lights with young women and men. The lights were so beautiful! We didn't have so much time so we'll go again with my family. I have just 7 days left of school so I have bunch of homework and projects to do. On Saturday is the Christmas dance and I'm going there with my yearbook class. In my yearbook class we have 6 different group and each group will buy matching pajamas! It'll be so much fun :) Today is 12/12/12!! The magic moment when the clock was also 12.12.12 I was in my Us History class.. So memorable moment.. But I can remember this day as a day when I was living my dream with people I love, in the place which became to my second home and I even got a kiss! 

Guess who?


6 kommenttia:

  1. uu, keneltä sie pusun sait? ;-)

  2. woow mielettömii noi kuvat! ja ihana toi sun host-äidin kirje :')

  3. siis vaihatsä nyt perhettä vai? o:

    1. en ku mä oon samas perhees koko vuoden! :) jos tarkotat tota hostmamin kirjettä nii se vaa teki tommosen piristääksee mun päivää :)